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Heraklion is still the gateway to Crete, and this ancient fortress city contains so much of the islands history from the Minoan Palace at Knossos to todays Shopping Centres, it cannot be ignored.
The City is the islands major hub, home to the sea port and airport and as such all roads lead to or from Heraklion. As a major commercial centre the city has a large number of banks, insurance specialists, and all the professional help needed to invest in the area, which is one of the fastest growing in Greece.
This area has a wide range of real estate and areas of development and every thing for todays investor/developer, including a water park and a golf course, for the more discerning there are a wide range of beaches, and with the islands seven month summer they make a very pleasant place to be, and from an investors point of view a very good place to invest.
All along the coast there are a number of beachside options from Kokkini Hani, past Gouves, Chersonissos, Koutouloufari, Stalida, and into Malia, these provide a wide range of development options. There is accommodation of almost every sort from cheap and cheerfull rooms to rent, to pleasant hotels providing either family enviroments or discreet luxury many of which provide excellent business opportunities. There is still a growing need for development or rejuvenation not just for holiday accommodation but for permanent housing for the increased number of workers in all sectors.
The area is also home to a vast array of Shops, Cafes, Bars, and Resturants, to meet almost every taste from a fast food burger or souvlaki to first class resturants providing popular menus from around the world, but as is always the case business can usually be improved. Many businesses are for sale offering opportunity for todays investor.
For those who want to benefit from the continued desire for housing there are ample chances to create luxury villas, and apartments to meet the ever growing demand for housing to live in this interesting environment. The wide range of opportunities to live amongst some of the islands past glories, and to visit the wide variety of archeological sites, and places of interest, one of the closest being the Minoan Palace at Malia, is an attraction to the area for many.
If a quieter pace beckons along the coast to Sissi, with its pleasant little harbour and you will be well rewarded, its neighbour Milatos has an even gentler pace. Both area offering potential developer or investor.
Heraklion along with east crete is just what todays investor needs.


There is already a strong Real Estate presence in the area and recently the world leader in Real Estate, Remax have developed a presence in the form of Remax Professionals. There are also smaller developers in the area and the new concept of Fractional Ownership may soon become popular.





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